About this website

LUCy showcases the stories created by students who completed an eight-week multimedia journalism course at Leiden University College The Hague. Led by instructor Robert Chesal, the students are: Friederike, Antonia, Yannik, Sofi, Tessa, Noa, Analena, and Josch.

The students had 8 weeks to complete a final project made up of at least 3 different forms of media (choosing from written, audio, visual and graphic forms). As the students progressed in completing their assigned production work, the shape of their online stories evolved. Finally, the students combined their 3 media forms to create one multimedia project each.

Students were tasked with thinking of a news story worthy of a multimedia approach, conducting interviews and research to compile information, taking pictures, shooting video and recording audio, and formatting the design layout of the final project. One student was additionally tasked with formatting the design of the entire LUC Multimedia Journalism website.