Set up in 2018, LUCy is an online platform for multimedia stories created by students of Leiden University College The Hague. Students who take the Multimedia Journalism course are expected to create a story with three unique multimedia components covering a topic of their choice. For information about some of the authors of our stories, see the profiles below. 

Louis Brady & Louis Juste

In a nut graph, Louis Brady and Louis Juste are like a good lead – refreshing, provocative and a tad over the top. Like two pieces of a puzzle, they complement each other. One provides the hook while the other provides the punch. Their work is idea driven, impressionistic and a tad self-referential. In their spare time, the Louis’ enjoy listening to Buckles’ podcast, drinking Earl Grey and Amusing Themselves to Death. 

Martine Roseboom

Martine Roseboom is a third-year student at Leiden University. She’s chosen this course in Multimedia Journalism to get a better understanding of the different forms in which journalism can be presented, and how these can interplay with each other. She wrote a piece on farming in the Netherlands following the wave of farmer protests that swept over the country, but ended up learning a lot more about what farming is really like nowadays.

Lisa Conzemius & Cristina Hoedemaker

Cristina and Lisa created their story with one aim in mind: to understand a person who they only knew superficially, but who, through short interactions brought joy into their lives. They believe that knowing others’ pasts, their beliefs, dreams and values, is one of the best tools we have to live together in harmony. Through their profile of Esther, a market vendor in The Hague, they want to help you become more aware of the people around you. By showing the complexities of every individual’s story, they hope to grow your capacity for connecting more with them.

Emma de Ruiter & Hedda Werres

Emma and Hedda are both students at Leiden University. Emma is a Dutch and Portuguese student at LUC The Hague, completing a minor in Journalism. Hedda is German, and is currently studying Psychology in Leiden. Together, they wrote a piece about the changing tradition of Zwarte Piet in The Netherlands. For Emma, Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet have always been a familiar topic, but Hedda knew little about it at first. They wanted to show a new perspective on the discussion, that highlighted the different views of Dutch families, compared to international ones. They also wanted to give a voice to children, as these seemed not to be present in the debate at all. Through the eyes of two families, the impact of this changing tradition is shown.  

Bao Ha, Ellen Jennings, & Becks Konradi

Bao Ha, Ellen Jennings, and Becks Konradi are the journalists behind Drawing the Line. The idea came about after talking with friends about their experiences of being catcalled in the street. The shared feelings of frustration, vulnerability and confusion were obvious. Originally their ambition was to capture the story behind catcallers themselves—why do they do what they do? What is their goal? As evident by the blooper video at the end of the article, this idea was quite difficult to achieve, and so instead they looked towards capturing the stories of the women themselves who endure catcalling on a daily basis. Ultimately this story proved to be just as powerful and important to share if not more crucial. Through the experience of hearing women speak up about this issue, together they bring to light the day-to-day harassment that is too often hidden in the shadows.

Ethan Warren, Anna Lluna & Antonio Capucho

Ethan Warren, Anna Lluna & Antonio Capucho are three diverse and curious student journalists who embarked on an eight-week long journey to find out what makes Extinction Rebellion tick. Their focus on mental health and eco-anxiety in the context of an environmental activist group gives a taste of what it might feel like to become part of Extinction Rebellion for young people struggling to come to terms with a changing planet, through the stories of involved activists and analytical outsiders.

Anh Nguyen & Laine Cho

Anh Nguyen and Laine Cho are both students at Leiden University. Anh is an exchange student from Yonsei University (South Korea), majoring in Sustainable Development and Cooperation form Leiden University College (LUC). Laine is a second-year student, majoring in International Relations and Organizations. Both having been an alien to a foreign land, the duo found the Hague Market — the multicultural hotspot of the city — especially exquisite. While their first initiative for the project was to zoom in a day in the life of a child from an immigrant family, they settled down with the idea to explore the story of K.K. Badhan, a merchant working in the market. Anh and Laine frequented the market for weekly groceries, and Badhan’s charm and friendliness drawn them to approach him, and learn a lot about his struggle behind his usual calm self.

Robert Chesal – Editor & Spiritual Mentor