Scavenger hunt rule #6: Invite randomness.


Coming in, the red floor directly captions all your receptors. It signals our brain to prepare all other senses to get ready for stimulation. Slightly leaning forward, encircled by the white walls, we lurk and wait.


You can inhale the scent of the wooden canvases that combine fresh paint, an empty house and a red wine filled summer night as an image in your mind.


You lick your lips and feel the fantastic works on your taste buds. You immediately brighten up and know that you will encounter tastefully chosen art.


You rub your fingers together to bring your attention to your sense of touch. You can feel the warmth on your skin.


The experience begins. You hear different voices talking, and it takes you some moments to realize where the connection comes from.

There are 5 solo shows every year. 1646 encourages interaction and participation through its interdisciplinary attitude. They present different kinds of work made by the artists and have different programs surrounding their artwork, such as a podcast, a video archive, an email conversation. Because they believe that it is essential to make the experiences “deeper than just a visit to an exhibition,” Jeroen van der Hulst, the PR manager from 1646, shares with us.

The goal of 1646 is not to show an exhibition of a conclusion to an idea, but more of an introduction to start a discussion around the idea.

1646 invites artists with different values, nationalities, and techniques to create a dialogue between artists, curators, and audiences.

“The work we show here is mainly towards conversations, so it’s not a specific medium or a specific type of artist we look for. We look for the type of view […] and curiosity to try out new things and […] to put things on the table and discuss them,” said Jeroen.

We believe that someone’s voice is relevant. That’s usually a very broad spectrum, a very broad scope of people that can contribute. I think you can contribute to a discussion in a fruitful way or start a whole new topic of thought we might not have thought about otherwise.”

The PR manager of 1646, Jeroen van der Hulst

Where to find 1646?

Boekhorststraat 125, 2512 CN Den Haag


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