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Scavenger Hunt Rule #3: Turn the map around.

To discover excellence, you sometimes need to adjust your perspective. 

Page Not Found’s vision is to turn the book around and create a place where people can get lost in pages that they cannot find anywhere else in The Hague. Its collection includes limited editions of hand-picked publications from Japan, the U.S., and Europe.

This space for artists’ unique publications, talks and exhibitions allows readers to dive into artworks in a vibrant environment or purchase books and keep reading at home at their own pace!

Page Not Found easily catches your attention with their fresh, playful and young interior design by Helgi Þórsson and Ola Vasiljeva.

We didn’t want to be a bookshop, in the sense of a shop. It’s more like a project space because it needs to be able to change shape. So we didn’t want to fall into categories, and we just wanted to have a unique identity. That’s why we have commissioned artists to make all the artworks around. Because it’s the same. It’s also creating an environment that is inviting to discover these things.

The founder and co-Director of Page Not Found, Sébastien Tien

Sebastien also points out how important the support from the Dutch government and other institutions is to Page Not Found and other art spaces.

Sometimes, people do not have the means to buy artistic publications, but Page Not Found has initiatives to …

I created this space because I was missing discovering artists’ books. There are places in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Berlin where you can easily spend a few hours looking at the books. There is no such space in the Hague.

Read Books. Support Artists. Buy Local.

Where to find Page Not Found?

Boekhorststraat 125, 2512 CN Den Haag


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