Scavenger Hunt Rule #4: Listen to the crowd.

Whenever we encountered recommendations about art spaces- one was constantly mentioned. “Oh, it is my favourite!”, “This was actually the first art space I ever went to”, “It’s an extraordinary place.” This fed our curiosity. Would we understand what makes this space so beloved? 

Hidden outside the city centre next to an old electrical fabric, this space has an extraordinary feeling that is rare in The Hague.

It feels




The bright walls reflect the natural light and fill the room with a liberating spacious atmosphere. Contemporary art is facing you from the walls, and they carefully put together exhibitions deliver their stories to you. You breathe in and perceive how the power of culture reaches you and fills you with electricity. 

Welcome to Nest.

Nest is an exhibition space for contemporary art. Four times a year, they invite multidisciplinary artists, both local and international, to create exhibitions together.

“We (Nest) always link what is happening out there in the current society and pose questions. Then we link these issues to how artists reflect and give new visions on that as well,” the programme coordinator, Clara Ronsdorf, told us.

But no exhibition is alike. Different and new approaches to work fuel this place’s electricity.

“So, every time you visit, the space is transformed.” 

Collaboration is their second secret. Nest connects the city’s local art community. By working together with other spaces, they aim to link artists, art students and the audience. Currently, they are working with 1646 on an open call for art graduates. 

It is really nice to collaborate with other spaces in the city to do that together. Because it’s about stability for the artists. That might be sometimes stronger when you do it together. That’s something we are really convinced about.

The programme coordinator of Nest, Clara Ronsdorf

Where to find Nest?

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20, 2518 RA Den Haag


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