Make it Art Worthy

Scavenger Hunt Rule #7: Always follow your instincts.

You stroll down the street and, for once, concentrate exclusively on your surroundings. See, there is the familiar canal that you keep passing by when you leave the city centre, and you follow it with your gaze. Strange, you think, such a well-known place, and yet I don’t know the other side at all. You set out on discovery. A large unusual yellow window appears just a few meters away. A guitarist sings with relish and smiles at you through the glass of this charmingly chaotic place. You can’t hear him, but you feel like you do. His expression left an impression.

When we remembered this situation, our instincts led us to that place, and luckily we discovered Make it Art Worthy (MiAW). This unique place is an open social work- and meeting space for freethinkers and creatives, located just outside the city centre. The non-profit foundation offers studio spaces to more than 20 artists who host exhibitions and initiate workshops, connecting art with the community.

Here we met Cis and Arti, the two people who initiated this unique art space. Over a coffee, they took us on the journey of how the initial mini MiAW developed to what it is today.

Although the mini MiAW had to move out within one week after opening up, something saved it. The demand from the community for creative spaces like this made it possible for MIAW to open as it is today.

This place’s philosophy is that together you can do more than on your own. Everyone is welcome to walk in, be inspired and express freely.

Where to find MiAW?

Noordwal 18, 2513 EB Den Haag


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