…ism Project Space

Scavenger Hunt Rule #1: Wander around.

Once upon a time, there were lots of isms: modernism, cubism, futurism. But along came the Ism to end all isms. Postmodernism chewed them all up, and spat them out. 

Today, we’re invited on a journey to think about a new ism. 

A few years ago, Frits walked into a shop in the Hague city center. He wanted to buy some board games. He looked around, purchased some games, and left. It was a brief encounter with a place that would one day become the home he loves. And a space for art and imagination.

…ism Project Space is his home, but it is also a space that he offers to artists, letting them exhibit their artwork there. 

He gives the same welcome to us who are looking for art spaces in the Hague. When he opens the door, he looks straight at us and laughs.

As we walk through the wood-panelled entrance, we enter a living room and a kitchen. But what catches our eye is a small atrium in the center of the house, visible through windows and a glass door. A hallway leads to another garden and a master bedroom, where it gets “more private,” Frits says. A flight of stairs leads down the basement. It’s not difficult to see how these quiet, domestic rooms can be transformed into public areas where artists can display their expressiveness and the wanderings of their minds. Artists have projected videos in the central atrium. Some have lived in the guest room for a few weeks while building their exhibition.

Here, the exhibition is never fixed. Where does the exhibition end? It’s always an interesting question for the audience because every time it’s different. Sometimes, you have to go to the cellar. Sometimes, you make a routine through the space. Sometimes, you just have to find the arts yourself.

Have you thought about the history of the building you are living? When Frits moved into …Ism, he rebuilt every corner of the place and in this process he discovers who lived here back in 1631 when the house was built.

Where to find …ism Project Space?

Westeinde 31a, 2512 GS Den Haag


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