Locatie Z

Scavenger Hunt Rule #5:

What would you do differently if you were starting from scratch?

What do we know until now? Okay, art spaces in The Hague exist, and if you dig for a bit, you can find gold. We met incredible artists and unique concepts. But where does inspiration come from? That’s when we realized what we had forgotten – The artists’ studios – the origin of the gold.

14 studios and 14 artists. Locatie Z brings artists, scientists and musicians together. The creative minds come here to dig for gold, find silver, throw away tin and rediscover value. This space mirrors their progress, achievements, and mistakes. It’s a constant rotation of ideas and experiences. Here is the place where people improve, grow and produce.

Why do you choose Locatie Z as your studio?

“Because of the space. It’s a very beautiful space. Because of the space but also because of the people, the collective is very nice. It (Locatie Z) hosts different sorts of events, talks, and presentations. It is also because I get very claustrophobic with the low ceilings. That’s really a problem. I can’t work in a space that has low ceilings. And there are big doors, which really helps with the bid structures I am making. Otherwise, it’s impossible to transport.” said Narges Mohammadi, an artist who has her studio at Locatie Z.

Since you are sharing one of the studios with 2 other artists, are there any challenges of working with other people in the same space?

Locatie Z is a space with studios and a project space that hosts different events open to the public. So, stay tuned and visit this beautiful place sooner than later!

Learn more about our featured artist Narges Mohammadi

Where to find Locatie Z?

Willem Dreespark 312, 2531 SX Den Haag


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